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Pay Per Click SEO Plan
With our Pay Per Click (PPC) program you are paying us to bring you leads to your website by marketing your key words within the search engines "sponsored" area on the first page.

Sponsored area's are identified as the top 1-3 listings and the right side listing of the first page.  with this program we help identify your correct key words and then market them for you.  We charge a monthly maintenance fee to do this and then a budget.  The lowest plan we currently offer is the following.

  • $100 Monthly Maintenance
  • $200 Monthly Budget

At the end of each month your provided with a report that will show you the clicks you received along with the cost.  If the cost is under your budget your given a credit the next month and if you go over we charge you the overage.  On average there can be a 10% variance on the first month but after that we are pretty accurate with the budget amount.

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